We offer a FREE consultation so if you would like someone to come and see you please call 07905 357140. During your free consultation we can plan out your web site and tell you how much it will cost.

Web Hosting / Web Space
We aren’t VAT registered so the price you see is the price you pay 🙂

Your web site needs to be hosted on a computer (server) that is always online, so that your web site can be seen 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.
Unlimited web space with MYSQL 150mb database £130 per annum
All Web Space customers receive the following benefits:
1. Your business is added under “local businesses” on 35 village and town web sites to make the search engines think you site is popular and therefore to rank you higher in the search engines.
2. Your business is added to Google Maps.
3. Your business is added to facebook (we’ll also advise you on how to get the most out of facebook and other social media).
4. We’ll create a Twitter account for you (if required)
5. your business is added to www.1mile.co.uk
6. submit you to google, bing & yahoo (although no guarantee is made that you will appear under the words you want) All of this is done to help the search engines find your site because it will be more popular.
7. We create a QR code for your business
8. If your web site has a News page we will set this up to automatically update the information on your Twitter & Facebook page.

Our web sites are fast to load, easy to navigate and work on mobile phones and tablets. If you already have a company logo or company colours we will try to get the web site to match.
You will be able to update your web site yourself and our web design cost includes 60 minutes of training

Email Acccounts / Forwarding
1 gig pop3 email account Example yourname@yourcompanyname.co.uk £50 per annum
Email forwarding Example yourname@yourcompanyname.co.uk forwarding to yourname@gmail.com £20 per annum

Domain Names
.co.uk .me.uk .org.uk Example yourcompanyname.co.uk, yourcompanyname.me.uk, yourcompanyname.org.uk £15 per annum Each
.com .net .org Example yourcompanyname.com, yourcompanyname.net, yourcompanyname.org £20 per annum Each
Other domain names on request
Most of our work comes from recommendations in the Maidstone area but we have customers across the country – the internet is global, and so are we.

We offer a FREE consultation so if you would like someone to come and see you please call 07905 357140.