News page, Facebook & Twitter posts

None of the businesses that we talk to are keen on using Facebook or Twitter but they are an invaluable tool for getting to the public and other businesses.

We can tell you how to do this work yourself or we can now offer to do all of this work for you.

Increasing social media popularity
creating news posts that submit to twitter & facebook
Adding photos to facebook
Adding news directly to twitter & facebook
Following people on twitter
Increasing the number of people that follow you on twitter.
Increasing the number of likes on your facebook page
Joining business and social groups on facebook and posting news from your website on those groups.

Not all of the posts and news would be about your business, the idea is for people to share the posts on their own social media.
News posts are like new web pages and the more of them that are done and shared the more popular google think you are, therefore boosting your rankings in the search engines.

The news posts that aren’t related to your business won’t appear on the news feed unless we feel that it would benefit your site.

It’s up to you what social media work we do

1 hour a month = £40
3 hours a month = £115
5 hours a month = £180

We can also setup your News page, if you have one on your web site to automatically post to Facebook & Twitter saving us time and you money as we will be able to do more work for you.

We offer a FREE consultation so if you would like someone to come and see you please call 07905 357140

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